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Reformulating With Natural Preservatives

Preservatives are used broadly in home, personal care, food, and beverage products to ward off pathogenic organisms and slow spoilage. They contribute to extending a product’s shelf-life and ensure product safety. Following years of negative attention on preservatives, brand owners are addressing concern in response to emerging regulatory action and consumer outcry. Federal legislation was …

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Microbiome-targeted ingredients: Opportunities for product line expansions

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in an increased awareness of our microbial environment and of the impacts that our personal microbiomes can have on our gut health, skin health, immune health, and mood. Consumers want to know how to introduce beneficial microbes into their personal and environmental microbiomes via  consumption of nutraceuticals or biotically fortified foods, …

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Reduced Impact Products That Support Line Extension

Over the last several years, innovative concentrated product formats have taken off: gels, liquid cartridges, powder concentrates, and tableted concentrates.  For many of our clients developing cleaning, personal care, and water-based beverages, these emerging formats are of interest because they mitigate a product’s environmental impact by  – reducing plastics use and carbon dioxide emissions associated …

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this image portrays a monitoring and learning system that supports global impact investment decision making

Empowering Impact Investment Decision-Making

How does a global philanthropic leader—whose investments and influence span the globe—build an effective progress monitoring and learning system to improve impact? Learn how we designed and built a multifaceted monitoring and learning system that supports our client’s work, that is sustainable, and that is flexible. The system improved our client’s internal processes and positioned the organization client—and the projects in which they invest—for greater long-term impact.

image of plant-based ingredients

New Product Development and Plant-Based Ingredients: Overcome the Obstacles

Are you struggling to resolve the hurdles of using plant-based ingredient in your portfolio? What’s the impact to consumers of inconsistency in plant-based ingredients? Does the emerging science complicate new product development with these ingredients? And is it important to have multiple stakeholders involved as you look for solutions to the challenges of plant-based ingredient use? Read on for answers.

image of a group of people working to strengthen their innovation ecosystem

Strengthening the Philippine Innovation Ecosystem

Can a nation promote economic growth by connecting to the innovation ecosystem? Since 2013, we’ve participated in implementing the Philippines’ Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for Development (STRIDE) program, which bolstered the country’s innovation ecosystem. Read about our work facilitating economic growth by connecting an organization to its innovation ecosystem.

Why Build an Innovation Ecosystem?

In collaboration with clients, we work to strengthen their innovation ecosystem to become the connective tissue that allows innovation to thrive. When we connect clients–commercial and government–to their innovation ecosystems, we also solidify their competitive positions. Read about our work to create a roadmap to support Guatemala’s innovation ecosystem