Informing Strategy Amid Uncertainty with Foresight

using foresight for strategic planning

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Do you know which technologies, shifts, and trends will impact your industry in the next 12 months or 10 years? 

Are you concerned about how to plan for an increasingly complex future?  

Our client provides transfusion and transplantation products and services. In response to COVID, the group had prioritized adapting their strategy, and struggled with these questions.  We identified foresight as an area that would help the organization uncover answers to their questions and inform their strategy. It was also an area in which the group needed to build expertise.  


Because foresight is a disciplined approach to informing strategy while navigating uncertainty by identifying and exploring possible future scenarios. Using foresight, we positioned our client to prepare for an uncertain future. In addition, we enabled them to use their resources more effectively to address the changes. When our client shifted its approach to strategy, this change led to the creation of an internal foresight practice.

Developing a Foresight Practice

To support our client’s efforts to develop their foresight practice, using a multi-step process, we:

  • assessed their existing capabilities and organizational readiness for a strategic foresight practice.
  • conducted internal working sessions to clarify how to design and build the foresight practice. We focussed on key enablers (strategy, structure, resources, competencies, process).
  • synthesized information and insights we received from the working session, and used them to draft recommendations
  • provided tools, processes, and frameworks to enable the organization to implement our recommendations.
  • provided examples of immersive engagement methods to drive insights for key decision-makers.

Collaboratively, we ensured that the strategy, structures, resources, capabilities, and processes existed within the organization to support successful planning.  Finally, the investment in a foresight practice supported the organization’s efforts to drive agility and resilience. As a result, we positioned them to overcome uncertainty and strengthened their ability to respond to potential disruption.  

Contact us when you need help informing strategy while navigating uncertainty.

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