MedTech Product Innovation

How can we help you develop impactful medtech solutions?

Are you a medtech product innovator who needs help 

  • defining your strategy?
  • identifying which product or technology to develop?  
  • applying your technology solution?
  • developing a solution to address an unmet clinical need? 
  • expanding your product portfolio and reach?

Whether you’re an industry newcomer or an established manufacturer, we position clients to 

  • understand user needs and trends to inform their product development strategy.
  • understand the value of their medical innovation or idea.
  • communicate their innovation’s value to potential partners and customers.
  • gain clarity on end-user engagement or adoption.

We ensure you’re clear on opportunities, uncover insights that inform your decisions and align your organization on a path forward.

What medtech solution can we help you develop? 

Impact Stories

 Do you need to better understand how to respond proactively to COVID’s impact on your organization and employees? Do you need help repositioning your organization, or determining where to reinvest and whether to operate differently? Learn how we work with clients to identify and prioritize strategic investment opportunities while navigating uncertainty

Our medtech client was interested in growth in areas that were new to the company and wanted to look beyond traditional ventilators.  We helped our client understand opportunities for improved patient ventilation and lung function. 

Our client—who provides transfusion and transplantation products and services—needed to adapt their strategy in response to COVID.  We prioritized foresight to help them uncover answers to their questions, and in which the group needed to build expertise.  Using foresight, we positioned our client to prepare for an uncertain future and to use their resources effectively to respond to change.  

When clients are uncertain about new markets to pursue or products to develop, we bring experience advising medtech developers on the best options. When our medtech client was weighing expansion outside of medical devices, we helped the group decide if expansion into other materials was the right choice. 

A health solutions startup wanted to know if there were additional markets for its fixtures. We helped the company founder understand the compound pharmacies’ market opportunity and informed the company of opportunities in other markets.

using foresight for strategic planning


Are there principles of strategic foresight you can use when planning amidst uncertainty and ambiguity? Does foresight help organizations identify growth opportunities and increase organizational resilience?  Learn how innovation and planning teams benefit from foresight methods and tools. 

Our Experts

Moline Pandiyan

Moline leads our medtech practice and brings experience with commercial, government, and university clients worldwide, including NASA and Fortune 100 companies. She is passionate about medical innovation and working with individuals who want to use technology to create meaningful impact and improve the human condition.

Moline works closely with company leaders, innovation managers, and technology developers on their strategic growth initiatives. With over a decade of experience supporting organizations on their innovation journeys, Moline enables clients to identify ways to diversify their product portfolio, leading to greater patient care and improved clinical outcomes.

Tyler Ovington

With experience spanning manufacturing, licensing, intellectual property and regulatory challenges, Tyler identifies and solves product launch challenges. He's established and managed supply chains and worked with contract manufacturers to resolve their technical challenges and reduce costs. While working internationally, Tyler vetted manufacturing partners and conducted stakeholder interviews with government and private buyers, end-users, and distributors. He received a B.S. in Bioengineering from Clemson University.

Alison Sykes, Ph.D.

Alison Sykes, Ph.D. assesses technologies for commercial potential, performs market research, and creates commercialization strategies for high-potential technologies, and has experience in technology areas including antimicrobials/pesticides, controlled-release technologies, new and emerging coatings and materials. Her background includes organometallic chemistry from her work as a research associate while completing her Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry and water disinfection from her postdoctoral associate position, both from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. She has a B.S. in Chemistry from Washington and Lee University.

Emily Vernon

Innovation Analyst Emily Vernon specializes in identifying high-potential technologies that drive innovation outcomes within organizations. An expert in technology landscaping and scouting, Emily helps innovation leaders accelerate the impact of their R&D and innovation programs. She applies her knowledge of innovation best practices to identify science-based solutions to address critical problems and improve the human condition. Emily’s technical expertise includes microbial engineering, bio-manufacturing, medical devices, and food and agriculture. Emily has a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a master’s degree in microbial biotechnology, both from North Carolina State University.

What medtech challenge can we help you solve?